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Welcome to the premier source for high-quality components in the Lighting industry, specializing in LED driver solutions. Aqtronics distributes top-notch lighting components, enhancing LED system efficiency. Our range includes LED drivers, power supplies, dimmers, and more, making us your go-to source for lighting needs. Our knowledgeable team provides exceptional customer service and support, ensuring seamless integration. With industry experience, we value energy-efficient components. Partnering with trusted manufacturers, we offer cutting-edge, high-quality products meeting strict standards. Choose us for Lighting and LED driver needs. Experience superior quality and service that sets us apart. Illuminate projects with our solutions and power lighting systems effectively.

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Smart Lighting

Our solutions include energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for smart city infrastructure, enhancing safety, sustainability, and aesthetics in urban environments.


We also provide specialized LED grow lights to optimize plant growth, improve crop yield, and reduce energy consumption in controlled agriculture settings.

Retail and Hospitality

Our solutions enhance customer experiences in retail and hospitality spaces with customizable lighting designs, colors, and intensities.

Industrial Lighting

We deliver high-performance, durable LED lighting for industrial applications, ensuring energy savings, long-lasting performance, and improved productivity.

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